116th Pennsylvania

Uniform and Equipment

The activities of the 116th PVI require authentic and accurate uniforms, accouterments, and equipment of the civil war era. The following items are standard equipment for the 116th Pennsylvani. If you transfer from another unit, however, you are not required to change muskets. We have quartermaster gear available to borrow during for a person's first season while they build their own set. The following list has been set in order of importance for a new recruit to purchase. Some less expensive items can be picked up easily at any time, but for those buying on a budget, this list prioritizes items that are harder to borrow.


Group 1 Brogans and wool socks
Forage cap: dark blue
Period eyeglasses for those who need them (contacts are acceptable)
Group 2 Shirt (cotton or wool) and drawers
Canteen: dark blue wool
Mess kit: tarred haversack, dipper (cup) and silverware
White cotton gloves
Group 3 116th PVI: 1842 Springfield musket and bayonet
Infantry leathers: belt with US buckle, cap pouch, bayonet scabbard, and cartridge box with shoulder strap, US box plate & eagle breastplate
Group 4 Uniform:
Kersey blue (sky blue) foot pattern trousers, and braces
Dark blue, 4-button sack coat
Group 5 Gum blanket (groundcloth)
Wool blanket
Shelter half


Other items you may want to purchase after you have your basic gear include:

Hat brass: company letter and regimental number
Housewife (sewing kit) and extra buttons
Musket nipple wrench and cleaning jag
Musket tompion
1855 Two-bag knapsack
Tin plate or canteen half
Greatcoat (sky blue for enlisted men)
Waistcoat (vest)
Pocket knife
Camp hat
Soldier's quilt

There are several grades of gear available both at the events and online, some of which is not suitable or will not hold up to much use.  Prior to purchasing, please check with the quartermaster for advice about which sutler to use.


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